Environmental Working Group Cosmetics Database


According to the EnvironmentalWorking Group (EWG) “The average American is exposed to 126 cosmetics ingredients every day – and none of them are required to be tested for safety before they’re sold in the marketplace. Big corporations don’t tell you this. And the government doesn’t demand it. EWG’s Skin Deep® is the only place where you can find out what’s really going on your skin and into your body.
Skin Deep®’s easy-to-use rating system helps you make safer, healthier product choices. A low rating means lower hazard concern; higher-scoring products should be avoided”.

From sunscreen, eye shadow, shampoos, soaps, and much, much more, EWG has ingredient information on over 71,000 products. Learn not only the ingredients and any health concerns associated with the ingredient, but also the source of the ingredient, its functions, and other chemical names for the ingredient. Please click here for the complete database.

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