I Am Passionate About Helping You Achieve
Vibrant Health and Wellness

I’ve Been There And I Get It

If you are wondering how I can possibly understand your health challenges , I want you to know that I have been there and I get it. I spent decades dieting, calorie counting, emotional overeating, and listening to a very loud “food police” screaming in my ear. I knew there had to be a better way. As I became more mindful and conscious of my relationship with food, I learned to trust myself again and came to the understanding that dieting behavior was destructive and contributing to my continual nightmare of the binging-fasting cycle.

 I ultimately  learned how to eat with joy and abundance, healing my relationship with food and now I want to share my knowledge and expertise with you.

After recovering myself, I was able to use my extensive nutrition toolbox to help my own family with their healing journeys ranging from attention deficit disorder, auto-immune diseases to cancer.

It Is My Privilege And Honor To Partner With You On Your Own Healing Journey

These experiences have had a profound impact on the direction of my career and on my life. I have a renewed determination  and appreciation for the healing power of food and a drive to help others with their own challenges.

I can help you figure out which specific foods to add or eliminate and resolve your issues once and for all.

Recovering your health will be a gentle process. You will have my nonjudgmental and compassionate guidance as we work together.  I will support you and encourage you through your successes and your setbacks, staying with you for the duration.


Let’s Team Up To Create A Robust Anti-Illness Lifestyle So That You Can Feel Great Again

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