Read What My Clients Have To Say

Connie has been monumental in my personal journey with both weight loss as well as cognitive function. Her nurturing spirit makes her very easy to work with. She is also extremely versed on some of the latest food sensitivity tests as well as other functional methodologies. “

AB Louisville, KY

“I went to Connie because I had digestive problems. She suggested I take the LEAP test, and she counseled me throughout the process. She is intelligent, well informed, conscientious and caring to the max! She went way out of her way to research problems and think about my individual situation. I was so lucky to find her!

I am happy to report that my digestive problems are gone, and that I am eating normally again. I have recommended many people to her and will continue to do so.”

by K S  Cambridge, MA

“Once I discovered the foods I was sensitive to via the MRT/LEAP testing I was able to eliminate key foods in my diet and find relief from chronic enteritis. My problems started 2 years earlier and within 2 weeks of eliminating key foods I was less tired, had less abdominal pain and felt much healthier overall. I even saw improvements with my skin, which I had no idea was being affected by the foods I was eating.”

~ Melissa M., Londonderry, NH.

“Whatever the original cause, I have found that by watching the diet, I am able to reduce stomach stress and pain. I just wanted to say thank you. For your time, for your wisdom, for your gentle approach to a very emotional subject of health. I have talked to some other friends who are finding food intolerances and stomach stress. I have recommended a chat with you and the leap testing. Be well, and again, thanks for helping me feel more on track and better than I have in a long time!”

~ Brenda G., Chester, NH

“Your assistance with me in the LEAP Sensitivity Test Diet was beyond words. I suffered for 4 years after neck surgery with a rash from head to toe, going to some of the best doctors, including 20 local dermatologists . I was finally told that I had an allergy to titanium (which was implanted during my neck surgery).  Within  2 weeks of following my personalized  dietary protocol there was no rash anywhere and my 4 years of suffering came to an end.

Everyday I say in my mind THANK YOU. This all could have not happened without your professional knowledge. I’m down from 202 lbs. to 170 lbs. all from your diet. I feel alive and healthier then I did 10 years ago and I’m 64.

~ KR Boynton Beach, FL